Miu Miu

"l'Eau Bleue"

Film Direction - Art Direction - Set Design - Post production

ConceptA serie of 6 videos in which the Perfume Miu Miu “l'Eau Bleue” gives a magical & freshness touch of spring in life, by transforming daily objects into something new, happy and flowery! These videos were created for the luxury Italian brand Miu Miu and launch the new Miu Miu fragrance "l'Eau Bleue" Campaign.
All videos were shot live. Check out the prints and our making-of photos to see all behind the scenes!

Commissioned brand film
Credits Client: Miu Miu Production: Stink Paris Music: Henning Specht DOP: Philip Reinhold Photos making-of: Thomas Wood

N°1 the backgammon

N°2 the ice

N°3 the juice

N°4 the vinyl

N°5 the cocktail

N°6 the sunset

Making Of

Miu Miu l'Eau Bleue

Miu Miu l'Eau Bleue

Miu Miu l'Eau Bleue

Miu Miu l'Eau Bleue